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#mSpotter - Storm spotting via social media (MWN) has partnered with the National Weather Service office in Memphis to immediately relay severe and winter weather reports sent via Twitter from the Memphis metro area. Tag your tweets with #mSpotter, we'll monitor and filter the reports then send them directly to the NWS as the storms are ongoing! Your reports will help the NWS verify their radar data in real-time, aiding in the warning decision process and contributing to public safety and the NWS mission of "protection of life and property."

What is #mSpotter?

  • A method of sending storm reports directly to the NWS
  • Verification of severe weather (radar can't see the ground)
  • Harnessing the power and immediacy of social media
  • Proven to be a huge asset to warning forecasters

What do I need to be an #mSpotter?

  • A Twitter account
  • A smartphone with camera and GPS (strongly encouraged), preferably with the MWN mobile app
  • A desire to serve others and aid in the process of protecting people and property

What to report

  • Tornado / funnel cloud
  • 1/2" hail or larger (use coin or ball sizes)
  • 50 mph wind or higher (measured)
  • Structural damage
  • Trees or power lines down
  • Measured heavy rain and/or flooding
  • Winter precipitation of any type

What to include in your reports

  • Brief description of what you see
  • Specific location (or geo-tagged tweet)
  • Pictures are very helpful!
  • Time (if not at time of tweet)
  • #mSpotter hashtag

Maintaining the integrity of #mSpotter

  • This program only works if the hashtag is used for it's original intent and purpose
  • Using #mSpotter for things other than weather reports results in a cluttered search result, which increases the chance of vital information being overlooked
  • If RT'ing reports, REMOVE #mSpotter tag (avoids duplicate reports)
  • #mSpotter is NOT #memstorm


  • Risk the safety of you or anyone with you for the sake of a picture or report!
  • Storm chase!
  • Abuse the hashtag
  • Expect to get paid

#mSpotter Video Training:

Area covered by #mSpotter:

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