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As you may know, the stated mission of is to protect, inform, and educate Mid-Southerners about severe and inclement weather. As a NOAA Weather Ready Nation Ambassador, we further our mission and partnership with NOAA and the National Weather Service. We appreciate your participation in this year's Severe Weather Awareness Week activities. From February 25-March 3, MWN will participate in Severe Weather Awareness Week, as designated by the state of Tennesseee and NWS, in a variety of ways, including posting valuable safety information throughout the week!

Besides safety information on the topics below, we'll also have giveaways throughout the week, including NOAA Weather Radios from Midland USA and free MWN apps with the StormWatch+ severe weather alert upgrade included! In addition, StormWatch+ will be discounted in the apps all week! Click here to check out the app and StormWatch+. Make sure you are prepared for the peak of severe weather season by partaking in all that the National Weather Service and we have to offer this week!


"Why does the forecast on my weather app always seem to be wrong?"

"Best Practices for Sharing Weather Information on Social Media"

"Comparing Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) with StormWatch+"


Sunday, Feb. 25 SKYWARN Spotters and Social Media Reporting

**List of upcoming Mid-South spotter classes**
Monday, Feb. 26 Flooding and Flash Floods
Tuesday, Feb. 27 Lightning
Wednesday, Feb. 28 Tornadoes
Thursday, March 1 Severe Thunderstorms
Friday, March 2 NOAA Weather Radio / Mobile Alert Apps

**Statewide Tornado Drill - 9:30am CST**

Many thanks to our Severe Weather Awareness Week partners!

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