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List of Updates, Upgrades, and Additions to MWN

5/22/16 - Rolled out the ALL NEW MWN StormView Radar!

4/5/14 - Added MWN Significant Weather Outlook to product offerings

11/5/12 - iPhone app version 3.0 released - completely new interface

10/15/12 - Android app version 3.0 released - completely new interface

7/20/12 - StormWatch+ nationwide iPhone app released!

5/8/12 - Added Memphis Int'l Airport Monthly Top 10's to climate data.

3/19/12 - #mSpotter storm-spotting via social media debuts

2/2/12 - iPhone app version 2.01 with StormWatch+ released!

11/25/12 - Android app version 2.0 with StormWatch+ released!

8/15/11 - All MWN weather alerting products consolidated under StormWatch brand, including Twitter feeds for each MWN county.

7/4/11 - Upgraded WxMesg to full version 3.8 build 4200.

7/4/11 - Added a 0.05" Hg correction to barometric pressure readings on VP2 console.

6/15/11 - Added the NOAA Weather Radio and Outdoor Warning Sirens pages for informational purposes.

5/29/11 - Updated the MWN Mobile site and moved it to a new URL:

5/21/11 - Combined iPhone and Android app pages into a single apps page.

5/2/11 - MWN Flood Center added to provide information on historic MS River flooding.

4/3/11 - Android App (v1.0) released!

3/21/11 - MWN in the Press page added.

3/8/11 - MWN iPhone App (v1.0.1) released!

2/26/11 - Fixed error on Storm Center page with interactive warning map.

2/11/11 - Added page for upcoming new iPhone app, linked to the front page.

2/3/11 - Added QR code to front page to access mobile website.

1/30/11 - MWN Storm Center now uses dynamic map legend. Updated to new NWS RSS feeds for watches/warnings. Dropped severe weather map page from menu in favor of Storm Center version.

1/23/11 - Upgraded VWSaprs software to from for reporting of data to CWOP.

1/1/11 - Added Lower Ohio / Mississippi River Forecast page.

12/27/10 - Fixed issue with Memphis Int'l current conditions page and added a Regional Weather page.

12/13/10 - Upgraded WxMesg to version 3.82.

9/4/10 - Upgraded Virtual Weather Station to v14.01p31.

7/31/10 - Updated StormView Radar to retrieve data from new server.

6/14/10 - Remove inline frames from mobile site due to incompatibility with Blackberrys.

5/29/10 - New version of website released! Re-formatted with wider layout and menu moved to left side, etc.

4/30/10 - MWN Storm Center goes live. StormView Mobile Radar released to mobile website.

4/22/10 - Calibrated tipping bucket rain gauge against manual gauge (decreased 3%).

3/17/10 - Placed AddThis code in the footer of all MWN pages.

3/13/10 - Updated entire site to use server-side includes and changed most URL's to .shtml from .html.

2/21/10 - Updated the Tropical Page for 2010. Added Eastern Atlantic satellite, updated Saffir-Simpson scale and added Flash links to satellite loops.

1/20/10 - Now delivering weather alerts for Shelby County via Twitter (@shelbyalerts).

12/24/09 - Calibrated tipping bucket rain gauge against manual gauge (decreased 3%).

12/12/09 - Fixed the issue with positioning of the menu in all non-IE browsers that has bugged me for over 3 years!

12/11/09 - Upgraded WxMesg software to version 3.5.

12/2/09 - MWN weather is now featured on the Resources page at

10/28/09 - Modified Severe Weather Map (closer zoom).

10/27/09 - Calibrated tipping bucket rain gauge against manual gauge (increased 18%).

7/8/09 - Minor mods to the main menu throughout the site.

6/29/09 - Added Google Analytics code to site.

6/1/09 - Added Air Quality Forecast page.

5/18/09 - MWN Blog postings being fed to Twitter, as well as Shelby County severe weather watches and warnings (experimental).

4/30/09 - MWN can now be found on Twitter - follow me here! (memphisweather1)

4/20/09 - Added WXLIVE! Rapid Fire page.

2/28/09 - Created an MWN page on Facebook - become a fan today!

1/19/09 - New MWN logo added to site.

11/15/08 - MWN StormView Radar added at metro and regional zoom levels.

10/4/08 - Initial release of MWN Mobile (

9/19/08 - Added MWN WxStickers page to allow others to link to this site.

9/18/08 - Added Google AdSense links to footer of all pages.

9/15/08 - Added Google AdSense to front page.

9/13/08 - Added WXLIVE!-Text. Send 'wxlive' to 41411 for current conditions.

7/19/08 - Added hit tracker from StatCounter, updated Privacy notice.

7/19/08 - Joined ICDSoft affiliate program. (Click banner on Links page.)

7/11/08 - Changed banner at the top of each page to a .png image so all users see the same thing.

7/4/08 - Upgraded WxMesgNet software to v3.3 and VWS software to v14.00p31.

6/6/08 - Raised anemometer from 9 feet to 16 feet AGL.

4/12/08 - Added 5-minute auto-refresh to all radar and satellite pages.

2/25/08 - Started the new MemphisWeather.Net blog! (

10/11/07 - Edition 1 of The MWN Newsletter released.

9/23/07 - The ALL-NEW MWN (MemphisWeather.Net) released to the public with a whole new look!

7/12/07 - Addition of WXLIVE! Daily Stats page.

7/2/07 - Addition of several radar and satellite views to Radar & Satellite pages.

6/4/07 - Had to move Updates mailing list off Constant Contact due to change in pricing structure.

3/7/07 - Moved Updates mailing list to Constant Contact for more flexibility and better control of mailings.

1/9/07 - Added WXLIVE! historical data to Climate page.

1/1/07 - Moved WXLIVE!-Severe Weather in-house and added Fayette, Tipton, DeSoto, and Crittenden counties.

9/23/06 - Added site to, which provides ranking against other sites with personal weather stations.

Aug. '06 - Updated the front page, added WUnderground Rapid Fire conditions and climate data to WXLIVE!, and added live "Mid-South Watches and Warnings Map" to Severe Weather.

7/25/06 - Revamped 'updates' mailing list, making it a double opt-in hosted by the server.

3/22/06 - Unified menu structure and page layout throughout site.

11/15/05 - WXLIVE! - Severe Weather added, providing opt-in e-mail notification of severe weather watches and warnings.

8/9/05 - Added Memphis climate normals and records to Climate page.

7/9/05 - Added WXLIVE!, providing realtime weather data from Bartlett, TN.

10/30/03 - Changed code for all e-mail addresses to reduce spam.

7/27/03 - Listed on MSN Search.

6/29/03 - Changed most of the menu structure from images to text for faster load time. Also, re-optimized for search engines.

5/12/03 - Listed on Yahoo! Directory.

4/28/03 - New version of MemphisWeather.Net released!

4/1/03 - Brand new design for a brand new site! Adapted from "Erik's Memphis Weather Page." Several additions to the old site were made and all pages were freshened up. Hosting is provided by and domain name registered.