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List of Updates, Upgrades, and Additions to MWN

5/18/21 - Updated radar and satellite pages that link to NWS products.

5/22/16 - Rolled out the ALL NEW MWN StormView Radar!

4/5/14 - Added MWN Significant Weather Outlook to product offerings

11/5/12 - iPhone app version 3.0 released - completely new interface

10/15/12 - Android app version 3.0 released - completely new interface

7/20/12 - StormWatch+ nationwide iPhone app released!

5/8/12 - Added Memphis Int'l Airport Monthly Top 10's to climate data.

3/19/12 - #mSpotter storm-spotting via social media debuts

2/2/12 - iPhone app version 2.01 with StormWatch+ released!

11/25/11 - Android app version 2.0 with StormWatch+ released!

8/15/11 - All MWN weather alerting products consolidated under StormWatch brand, including Twitter feeds for each MWN county.

6/15/11 - Added the NOAA Weather Radio and Outdoor Warning Sirens pages for informational purposes.

5/29/11 - Updated the MWN Mobile site and moved it to a new URL:

5/21/11 - Combined iPhone and Android app pages into a single apps page.

5/2/11 - MWN Flood Center added to provide information on historic MS River flooding.

4/3/11 - Android App (v1.0) released!

3/21/11 - MWN in the Press page added.

3/8/11 - MWN iPhone App (v1.0.1) released!

2/3/11 - Added QR code to front page to access mobile website.

1/30/11 - MWN Storm Center now uses dynamic map legend. Updated to new NWS RSS feeds for watches/warnings.

1/1/11 - Added Lower Ohio / Mississippi River Forecast page.

5/29/10 - New version of website released! Re-formatted with wider layout and menu moved to left side, etc.

4/30/10 - MWN Storm Center goes live. StormView Mobile Radar released to mobile website.

3/17/10 - Placed AddThis code in the footer of all MWN pages.

3/13/10 - Updated entire site to use server-side includes and changed most URL's to .shtml from .html.

2/21/10 - Updated the Tropical Page.

1/20/10 - Now delivering weather alerts for Shelby County via Twitter (@shelbyalerts).

12/2/09 - MWN weather is featured on

6/29/09 - Added Google Analytics code to site.

6/1/09 - Added Air Quality Forecast page.

4/30/09 - MWN can now be found on Twitter - follow me here! (memphisweather1)

4/20/09 - Added WXLIVE! Rapid Fire page.

2/28/09 - Created an MWN page on Facebook - become a fan today!

1/19/09 - New MWN logo added to site.

11/15/08 - MWN StormView Radar added at metro and regional zoom levels.

10/4/08 - Initial release of MWN Mobile (

9/15/08 - Added Google AdSense.

9/13/08 - Added WXLIVE!-Text. Send 'wxlive' to 41411 for current conditions.

7/19/08 - Added hit tracker from StatCounter, updated Privacy notice.

6/6/08 - Raised anemometer from 9 feet to 16 feet AGL.

2/25/08 - Started the new MemphisWeather.Net blog! (

10/11/07 - Edition 1 of The MWN Newsletter released.

9/23/07 - The ALL-NEW MWN (MemphisWeather.Net) released to the public with a whole new look!

7/12/07 - Addition of WXLIVE! Daily Stats page.

7/2/07 - Addition of several radar and satellite views to Radar & Satellite pages.

1/9/07 - Added WXLIVE! historical data to Climate page.

1/1/07 - Moved WXLIVE!-Severe Weather in-house and added Fayette, Tipton, DeSoto, and Crittenden counties.

9/23/06 - Added site to, which provides ranking against other sites with personal weather stations.

Aug. '06 - Updated the front page, added WUnderground Rapid Fire conditions and climate data to WXLIVE!, and added live "Mid-South Watches and Warnings Map" to Severe Weather.

3/22/06 - Unified menu structure and page layout throughout site.

11/15/05 - WXLIVE! - Severe Weather added, providing opt-in e-mail notification of severe weather watches and warnings.

8/9/05 - Added Memphis climate normals and records to Climate page.

7/9/05 - Added WXLIVE!, providing realtime weather data from Bartlett, TN.

6/29/03 - Changed most of the menu structure from images to text for faster load time. Also, re-optimized for search engines.

4/28/03 - New version of MemphisWeather.Net released! Adapted from "Erik's Memphis Weather Page." Hosting is provided by