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StormWatch and StormWatch+ Terms and Disclaimer (hereafter “MWN”) owns and maintains weather alerting services called StormWatch and StormWatch+ (hereafter “Service”) by which weather watches, warnings, and advisories (or simply, “Bulletins”) are distributed to users who have registered to receive such alerts (“Users”). These Bulletins are issued by, and freely available from, the National Weather Service (“NWS”) and are re-distributed to users via electronic means, including e-mail, text message, or pager.

The information contained within these Bulletins originates with the NWS and MWN assumes neither responsibility nor liability with regard to the content of these messages. On occasion, MWN will distribute bulletins which will contain “” or “MWN” in the header or body of the message. All or part of the content of these messages may originate at MWN. Information disseminated via the Service is deemed timely, accurate, complete, and reliable, but not guaranteed as such. In no event will MWN be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this information. All data is provided "as is" and “as available” and is intended for informational purposes only. Bulletins received by the User from the Service should not be used as a sole source of information regarding the weather event and should be cross-checked against another reputable source, such as the NWS website or NOAA Weather Radio for validity. Never base critical decisions on this, or any, weather information obtained from the Internet or other electronic means.

By agreeing to these Terms, the User understands that, due to factors beyond MWN’s control, an interruption in service may occasionally occur or Bulletins may not be timely in their issuance or receipt. These factors could include, but are not limited to, failure of data transmission from MWN-owned software to the User’s ISP or cell carrier, unscheduled server outage at MWN or User’s e-mail or cell provider, or loss of internet connectivity due to natural or other causes. MWN will not be held liable in any manner for these or other events that prevent or delay data transmission and is not bound to provide User any monetary or in-kind reimbursement should an interruption in service take place. MWN will make all efforts to conduct maintenance at times which have the least effect on service and all efforts will be made to notify Users of scheduled outages in advance. In addition to any fees paid to MWN for the Service, standard text messaging fees and/or data rates may apply, depending on your local carrier.

This Service is intended only for those who agree to these Terms and have registered with MWN to receive the Bulletins. Retransmission, redistribution, reselling, or reverse engineering of the Service is a violation of these Terms and will result in immediate termination from the Service with no refund.

Any questions or comments regarding these Terms should be directed to the webmaster via the Contact page.