12:10pm – Snow starts in Bartlett

The first flakes started coming down at WXLIVE! in Bartlett at 12:10pm. Expect the light stuff to continue for a couple of hours as temps fall to about 34. Forecast still looks good for heavier, accumulating, snow after 3pm with temps dropping below freezing after 8pm. Wind chills will be in the 20s throughout the event, so bundle up if you plan on venturing out!

By the way, looked through the official records for Memphis Int’l and found only three 3″+ snowfalls since 1999: Feb 2006 (3.0″), Feb 2002 (4.2″), and January 2000 (3.0″). Could we get the biggest snowfall in the past decade?? We’ll see…

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Meteorologist Erik Proseus
16 years ago

Well, we do usually get a bit of snow each year, but from my revised post, you can see that 3-inchers have been rare in the past decade. I wish I had the records to go back further…

16 years ago

Well, its about time for us Memphians to finally get some snow! My kids think I’ve been lying all this time about how Memphis used to get snow nearly every year!