The morning after…

What a beautiful sight to wake up to! Everything is covered in a sea of white. My daughters had their warm weather gear and boots on before 7:00am this morning to “get the paper.” Yeah right!

My final snowfall total was 3.8″, though I suspect from surrounding readings that this is a little low, likely due to placement of the snowboard (which was the best I have but not ideal) and the wind that continuosly blew through the event and overnight.

Here are some readings from around the metro area, as reported by the NWS:

5 W Marianna, Lee County, AR 9.8 inches (HIGHEST TOTAL REPORTED)
NWS Memphis, Shelby County 7.2 inches
Atoka, Tipton County 6.5 inches
7 WNW Munford, Tipton County 6.5 inches
Ellendale, Shelby County 5.8 inches
4 E downtown, Shelby County 5.5 inches
3 E Southaven, DeSoto County 5.5 inches
2 SE Olive Branch, DeSoto County 5.5 inches
Memphis Airport, Shelby County 5.4 inches*** (OFFICIAL READING)
Germantown, Shelby County 4.9 inches
5 SW Olive Branch, DeSoto County 4.0 inches
3 N Bartlett, Shelby County 3.8 inches (MY TOTAL)
Earle, Crittenden County 3.5 inches
Hickory Withe, Fayette County 3.0 inches
4 W Brownsville, Haywood County 3.0 inches
Lakeland, Shelby County 3.0 inches
Byhalia, Marshall County 3.0 inches

And now a couple of pics we took this morning:

Finally, a satellite image from this morning that shows the snow cover over the area, heaviest in East Arkansas:

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