Severe weather behind, but now the cold air sets in

When you step outside over the next few days, you’ll probably have to think hard to know what month it is! In the wake of a strong cold front that brought severe weather to many regions of the central and eastern U.S., a huge dome of unseasonably cold air will be settling over the Mid-South beginning today. You’ll know it’s there because when you look up, you’ll find mostly cloudy skies. You’ll also know by the cold breezes and temperatures in the 50s instead of the normal 70s! This is all thanks to a massive upper-level trough (or low pressure) that will settle east of the Mississippi River. Some areas north of us will even see snow flurries or showers, but don’t count on that here. Instead, look for high temps in the 50s (low 50s Sunday) and lows in the 30s, with a chance of a light rain shower Sunday.

For those of you concerned about spring vegetation that has already made it’s appearance, the frost factor for tonight will be minimal thanks to cloud cover and a steady breeze that should keep everyone in the upper 30s. By Sunday night/Monday morning, outlying areas could see a light frost as temps drop into the mid 30s, though once again cloud cover and wind should keep frost to a minimum. The best time to cover those tender outdoor plants will be Monday night. The low Tuesday morning could drop to 28-32 degrees outside the city proper and with clear skies and light wind, frost and perhaps even a couple hours of sub-freezing temps are possible.

The good news is a quick warm-up will take place starting Tuesday and we’re back in the 70s Wednesday. I firmly believe that after Tuesday morning, this is the last time we will have to deal with frost until fall!

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