NE Mississippi twister caught on camera!


Wow! What a storm! This picture was taken by fellow weather nut Jeff W. Williams near Booneville, MS in a town called Jumpertown at 6:49pm on May 2. He is a friend of mine that owns a personal weather station that sits right where this picture was taken from – about 2 miles SE of the tornado. Later that evening, another storm with 1″ hail passed overhead and damaged his station’s anemometer. That’s what I call too close for comfort! Jeff indicates this was his first tornado sighting and the slight blurriness in the picture is owed to his hands shaking from nervousness!

That afternoon and evening scores of storms, some supercellular, ripped through eastern Arkansas, north Mississippi, and west Tennessee, dropping several tornadoes like the one picture above. The tornado above was classified EF-1 by the National Weather Service. The biggest storm of the day produced an EF-3 twister that devastated the town of Earle, AR in northwest Crittenden County, 25nm WNW of downtown Memphis.

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Peter parkar
15 years ago




15 years ago

Yeah!Looking at the picture we can imagine that the storm was very big.This kind of storm may lead to severe damage of property.
Mr.JeffW.Williams had capture a rare photograph which never ever not been seen.

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