A change in the weather…. and radar blockage


It looks like today will be our last really hot day for a while as an upper-level pattern shift takes place and a trough takes hold over the Eastern U.S., replacing the strong Bermuda High that has been dogging us for some time. After today’s mid 90’s readings, we should be back in the 80s (maybe low to mid 80s for a few days) for the next week or so. This change will take place after a cold front moves through the Mid-South this evening, bringing with it the possibility of scattered thunderstorms. The airmass behind the front is not only cooler, but drier, with dewpoints falling back into the 50s the next few days. This should allow at least the suburbanites some cool mornings Wednesday and Thursday. Check out the forecast for more details.

Also in local weather news, a water tower on the old Millington Naval Air Station that has played havoc with NWS Meteorologists ability to accurately see storms north-northeast of their NEXRAD radar, particularly in the Dyersburg area, has been torn down. The tower, which hadn’t been used in years, was a remnant of times gone by and basically served no purpose, other than as a source of multitudes of problematic “water tower TVS’s” (computer-sighted tornado signatures caused by the radar beam being interfered with by the reflection from this water tower). See the CA article on the dismantling of this behemoth. The Meteorologists at the NWS have got to be happy about this development, which will allow them to see portions of NW TN clearer than ever before!

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