Gust front passage


Took these pictures about 4:45pm yesterday (7/10/08). Scattered thunderstorms were in the area and one happened to put out a nice outflow/gust front ahead of it. The gust front tracked right over the house and my weather station. As dark as the clouds were, and ominous as it looked, there was no rain with the front, though the remnants of the dying storm that initiated the front did pass over and drop 0.04″ of rain a few minutes later. Pretty nice looking shelf cloud along that front. All of the classic weather conditions occurred with the frontal passage – slight pressure rise, temperature drop, wind shift and increase, followed by a brief downpour.

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William Brantley
15 years ago

Thanks for posting these pictures. Great Pictures of the incoming storm.

15 years ago

Some great pics Erik! I check in with your blog everyday! Keep up the great work!