Shhhh… it’s a new feature!

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MemphisWeather.Net is working on some new features and the first of these is in alpha (very initial) testing now. This one won’t get widespread publicity on MWN just yet, so if you are reading this blog, then you’ll be the first to know!

MWN-TextCast and WXLIVE!-Text are the first mobile features of MemphisWeather.Net and will likely lead towards even more ways to allow you to get the great information available on MWN while you are on the go!

MWN-TextCast allows you to get the latest short term forecast for Memphis by text message. For now, it is a one-time, request-reply service. We hope to add subscription based services as we enhance our product offering. Simply text ‘mwnforecast’ to 41411 from your text-enabled cellphone or PDA and you you will receive the latest short-term forecast straight from MWN by reply text.

WXLIVE!-Text will allow you to get the current weather conditions from WXLIVE! (located in Bartlett, TN in the heart of Shelby County) via text message. The conditions are updated every 5 minutes. Just like MWN-TextCast, this is a one-time, request-reply service. Simply text ‘wxlive’ to 41411 from your text-enabled cellphone or PDA.

Both of these services are offered for FREE by MWN while in testing, though standard text-messaging fees assessed by your carrier will apply. Also, since these are in alpha testing, we reserve the right to make changes to this service at any time, and the accuracy and timeliness of the forecasts and data is not guaranteed. But it’s still pretty cool! Now don’t tell a soul… 😉

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