Update on Hurricane Dolly

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Hurricane Dolly will be moving onshore near Padre Island, TX this morning. The storm has strengthened overnight as forecast and has now reached 100 mph – a category 2 storm. Radar presentation from Brownsville is pretty good and the ragged eye of the hurricane is evident. The storm will pound south Texas (Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Port Isabel, and Padre Island) during the day and weaken slowly through tonight. The track takes the storm into the northern portions of Mexico tomorrow, with no affect on Mid-South weather. A couple of radar images captured about 7:30am CDT today are shown below. For an animated radar image taken at 10:20am, click here (large file: 25.5MB). For a nice visible satellite loop of the storm, click here.

Above: Cross-section image through the eye of Hurricane Dolly. Note the lack of precipitation in the center of the image (the eye of the storm) and the higher precip levels on either side of the center (eye wall).

Above: A velocity (or wind speed) image showing the eye of Hurricane Dolly just offshore the Texas coast.

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