Heat? What heat?


Proof that weather forecasters are one of only a few professions that can screw up (sometimes continuously) and still keep their jobs…

All you had heard about for today was the extreme heat that was going to be overspreading the area. Well, it would have… except we got these nice things called clouds and thunderstorms that tend to throw a monkey wrench in the works. That’s what happened to portions of the Mid-South this afternoon, including the Memphis metro area. As I type, instead of it being 98 with heat index near 110, it’s 77.4 degrees. The darndest thing is, the storms missed us (again) and I got 0.03″ of sprinkles. I don’t know about you, but I’m about tired of getting missed by the good rains. Yesterday, a deluge fell on the city of Bartlett, missing our place by 3 miles. That was our best chance yet. Today, those beautiful borderline-severe storms were just a little farther away, teasing the entire county (see radar image below).

So, when will the heat return? Don’t worry, it’ll be here soon enough (like tomorrow). And remember, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity! Take precautions – the heat advisory will be in full force again tomorrow.

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Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

Wundermap on Weather Underground with temps overlaid on satellite presentation for the Mid-South also shows the effects of cloud cover and rain nicely.

Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

Yes, very nice. Definitely can see why it’s 20 degrees warmer in some plcaes than others!

15 years ago

Nice visible sat presentation of tstm cluster!