pics from last night’s storms

Just before sunset last night (8:00pm CDT), I took the pics below of the underside of the anvil from a cluster of strong/severe t’storms. Storms were located to the south with the anvil extending over my place and the pics were taken looking generally west. The sun striking the underside of the clouds, combined with some mammatus, cirrostratus, and lower altocumulus, created some phenomenal looking sky conditions. It actually came out more yellow in the camera than it looked outside, but still pretty cool pics! I’ve also included a radar cross-section showing the area of the storm where the pictures were taken – the underside of the anvil. Let me know what you think! (And no, we didn’t get any rain.)

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Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

Thanks guys! The beautiful sky kind of took the bite out of not getting any rain from it!

Michael Detwiler
15 years ago


Awesome pictures…

15 years ago

Great shots!!! How are you liking the radar so far?