Scattered t’storms today, but a dry weekend

Wow, what a week it’s been. Work has been incredibly busy this week and other stuff has taken up my free time, so that’s why it’s been nearly a week since blogging.

A hefty change in the forecast from yesterday morning to today and the result is rain and t’storms around the area a day earlier (today) and a pretty nice weekend on tap! It had looked like today would be dry and the weekend wetter, but that apparently won’t pan out. Scattered storms around the area this afternoon will continue through the evening hours. Most people have a decent chance of getting at least a little rain. A few showers could linger overnighe, but with only a 20% chance or less of rain tomorrow and a dry day Sunday, it should be nice as temps top out in the upper 80s and humidity is a non-factor. Can’t ask for much better for mid-August!

In the tropics, the Hurricane Center has yet to jump onboard with the low pressure east of Puerto Rico. Expect this could become a tropical storm without too much difficulty, though it’s path looks to take it over a fair amount of terrain in Hispaniola and Cuba. If it can survive, there is potential for the storm to really gear up as it moves into the Florida Straits or the Gulf Stream. Long-range models are all over the place with it’s eventual track, from moving it into the Gulf of Mexico, to striking south or eastern FL, to turning it north and moving it towards North Carolina! We’ll have to keep our eye on eventual T.S. Fay.

On a side note, anybody but me enjoying watching the Olympic coverage on NBC or cable? It is fun to watch for a change. Talk about reality TV!

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