Remnants of Gustav to affect Memphis area

As Gustav’s remnants move into northwest LA and, overnight, eastern TX, rains from the storm are pushing closer to the Memphis metro area at this time. Look for fairly high rain chances for the next 48 hours, though the edge of the precipitation will be fairly well-defined, so some areas will see decent rain, while others will remain dry within several miles of each other. In addition to the rain, showers will also produce gusty wind and some thunderstorms will also form along the edges of the precipitation. A few of these storms could produce weak tornadoes due to the high degree of wind shear in the environment, which is typical with landfalling hurricanes. In fact, at press time, a couple of tornado warnings (with one confirmed spotter sighting of a tornado) are in effect for portions of northwest MS. Keep your weather eyes and ears open the next couple of days!

Elsewhere, T.S. Hanna is lingering over the southern Bahamas and is expected to start a NW track by tomorrow, paralleling the FL east coast then making landfall late in the week along the GA, NC, and SC coastline. Ike is moving steadily across the central Atlantic and is due in the Bahamas this weekend and Josephine has formed today in the far eastern Atlantic and is strengthening as it moves west as well. The Atlantic Hurricane season is in full swing!!

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Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

We’re at about a third of an inch right now (nearing 10am CDT), but more expected. Could get a little rough this afternoon with SLIGHT RISK posted for Memphis. More on that in a separate blog…

To sudo, yes, August turned out to be pretty decent, and actually pretty wet, given what we started the summer with. The Bermuda lawns really greened up and thickened up a couple of weeks ago!

15 years ago

I was a little worried a few weeks ago about the heat index and dry weather. Now its September and it SEEMS to have been a pretty mild and wet Summer. Didn’t have to water the grass but one!

Michael Detwiler
15 years ago

Have received any decent rain, Erik?