Possible severe weather for Mid-South today

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Yesterday, parts of the area got a taste of how tropical remnants can produce severe weather, particularly tornadoes. As was the case yesterday afternoon near Oxford, MS, these funnels and tornadoes are usually weak, however they are still tornadoes and can still do damage. They also don’t get produced from the same types of tornadic storms we are more familiar with in these parts – those of the supercell or squall line variety. While supercells may have storm tops that extend to 40-50,000 feet plus, tropical remnants are more low-topped (25,000 feet or so), but due to the strong to extreme wind shear that exists in these systems, funnels and weak tornadoes are easier to come by.

Today, we are under a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather with the greatest threat being from weak tornaodes this afternoon and early evening that would might be produced by any stronger showers and t’storms that form in banding structures that rotate around the center of the storm. Continue to keep a weather eye to the sky as the day progresses and visit MemphisWeather.net for the latest on the severe weather threat.

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