September… or November??

It’s after 10am with cloudy skies, patchy drizzle, and temps still in the upper 60s! Not sure if it is really early September or early November! Thanks to Hanna, a cold front has stalled just to our east, so cooler air is filtering in behind the front and with plenty of moisture around, the clouds are hanging tough. I expect these conditions to continue through tonight before we start getting some sun tomorrow and warmer temps follow. Look for highs to remain in the 70s today, but by Sunday be back into the upper 80s. Another front is headed in Monday night, which will help to drop highs back down again by mid-week next week.

Hurricane Update… Hanna is poised to strike the SC coastline overnight tonight as a strong tropical storm (65-70 mph wind) then move QUICKLY up the coast, bringing tropical storm conditions to pretty much the whole eastern seaboard from SC northward by Sunday morning.

Ike, on the other hand, is still a major (cat 3) hurricane in the western Atlantic heading for the Bahamas. Forecast tracks indicate this storm will approach southern FL on Tuesday and either strike south FL or continue through the FL Straits and into the Gulf. Models are still all over the place, so we’ll have to follow him pretty closely.

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