Rebounding from unusually cold weather

A couple of days of Freeze Warnings are past us now as temps are rebounding nicely into the 60s this afternoon. This morning’s low was 28.5 at the WXLIVE! station in Bartlett, following a low yesterday of 30.3. At Memphis Int’l Airport, the official lows the past two days were 34 and 35. Not quite to record territory but still very cold for late October.

As we approach Halloween, temps are warming up as Canadian high pressure is replaced by a warmer airmass. Tonight’s lows may still reach the upper 30s in the suburbs, but that should be the last 30 degree readings until at least the middle of next week. Highs are going to be reaching into the lower 70s for the weekend and trick-or-treat weather looks very pleasant – temps in the 60s with a few clouds.

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