Can’t blame it on the rain

Borrowing from a 1989 Milli Vanilli hit that reached the top of the charts, if you don’t vote today, you can’t “Blame it on the Rain!” A gorgeous day is setting up for Election Day across the Mid-South, and in fact a large portion of the country. The only weather problems of significance will be some showers and upper-elevation show showers in the Rockies and rain in the Mid-Atlantic from DC south to the Carolinas. Temps across the Mid-South will be in the 70s, nearly 10 degrees above average!

This beautiful weather will last one more day, before a strong cold front and thunderstorms rumble across the Mid-South on Thursday afternoon and night. This system is currently winding up in the Rockies and will move into the flyover states tomorrow. The map below shows the risk of severe weather for Wednesday.

As we head into Thursday, the lower Mississippi Valley, including Memphis, in under a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather, primarily for the low risk of damaging straight-line wind and hail. I expect a squall line to form to our west during the afternoon and move through the metro area during the evening hours. The probability of severe weather for Thursday and Thursday night is shown below. Check back tomorrow and Thursday for further updates and be sure to check for the latest forecast.

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