Snow? In the city?

All the buzz right now seems to be about the possibility of snow late this weekend. I’ll remind all of you that we live in MEMPHIS, which if you look it up in the dictionary means “the geographic location at which snow to the north becomes rain.” OK, so there IS a possibility, and a rather decent one actually, that we could see some snow flurries or perhaps a light snow shower in the area – if you wake up in the middle of the night Sunday night to look out the window. If we’re lucky, some flakes will still be falling Monday morning. It will definitely feel cold enough to snow with wind chills in the 20s Monday morning and temps in the lower to mid 30s. But, don’t expect schools to let out, in fact don’t expect to see any accumulation here in the metro area. As for the rest of the weekend, look for on and off showers throughout Saturday and Sunday, nothing real heavy,or even moderate probably, and temps in the 40s to around 50. Monday will be mainly dry, but cold with highs still in the 40s. A quick warm-up is in store for Tuesday.

Now that I’ve played the snow down, we’ll see what really happens. 🙂

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