Another cold spell coming


Abnormally cool weather will continue for some time, based on the latest information from the Climate Prediction Center, which shows us to remain well below normal temperature-wise for the next couple of weeks. See the map above for Dec. 10-16 temperature probabilities that gives us a 50-60% chance of below normal temps. The eastern 2/3 of the U.S. will remain under the dominance of an upper-level trough which will serve to push cold Canadian-influenced air into the eastern U.S. Look for the pattern to remain similar to this past week with a couple of “mild” days separated by cold blasts behind potent cold fronts.

Tomorrow will be one of the “hills” between the “valleys” as we top out near 60 with strong, gusty southerly wind. The cold blast arrives tomorrow evening, accompanied by moderate to possibly heavy rain for a few hours between 5-10pm, and a sudden switch to strong northerly wind dropping temperatures during the evening hours – possibly on the magnitude of 15 degrees over the course of an hour or two. We will then stay cold again for a couple of days with highs in the mid 40s at best on Thursday and Friday. Recovery takes place over the weekend, with another strong front early Tuesday of next week.

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