Snow in the Deep South!

A strong, and still developing, low pressure system headed northeast across AL this morning is dragging in very cold air on it’s back side, producing SNOW for portions of Mississippi, Alabama, and even Louisiana! Check out the traffic cam image from I-610/I-10 in New Orleans about 9:30 this morning! Yes, that is New Orleans! The latest observation from the airport indicated 33 degrees and heavy snow, with visibility reduced to 1/8 mile! Checking other southern Louisiana cams, there is snow on the ground from New Orleans to Baton Rouge to Lafayette, and even some visible in Lake Charles, near the Texas border.
From Wikipedia:
New Orleans experiences snowfall only on rare occasions. A small amount of snow fell during the 2004 Christmas Eve snow storm. On Christmas Day, a combination of rain, sleet, and snow fell on the city, leaving some bridges icy. The last significant snowfall in New Orleans fell on Dec. 22, 1989, when most of the city received 1–2 inches.

Looks like the Memphis area has missed it again though. MWN StormView radar (image at 9:43am above) shows the back edge of the rain shield is just east of the immediate metro area. While it could pull slowly back to the west for a few hours this morning, the rain will be shifting east with the aforementioned low by noon time. A slight rain chance exists for the city this morning.

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