Chances of a White Christmas in Memphis


So, what are the historical chances of a white Christmas in Memphis? Good of you to ask!

The average high temperature on Christmas Day in Memphis is 50 degrees, while the average low is 33. The only Christmas in recorded history (since 1872) that measurable snow fell ON Christmas Day was 3.5″ in 1913! A trace of snow was recorded in 1975, 1980, and 1992.

As for snow on the ground on Christmas Day (a white Christmas), the greatest recorded snow depth was 10″ in 1963. Other years in which the snow depth was at least 1″ on Christmas Day were 1962 (2″), 2004 (2″ – remember that one?), and 1998 (1″). A trace was present on the ground in 1966, 1980, and 1990.

Interestingly enough, Jackson, TN, which seems to get all the good weather, has not had a measurable snow on Christmas Day in their recorded history (records date to 1948)…

Christmas Day is in my extended forecast beginning today, so keep an eye on it for our forecast (not climatological) chances.

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William Brantley
15 years ago

MR. Memphis Weather :
Thank`s for your Reply :
Actually My Record`s Show
On 12/25/1969.
0.23 ” Of Melted Precip.
OR About 2 1/2 Inches of SNOW.
Lo was 32 *
Hi was 38 *
If I remember correctly
Back in the 60`s : Most of
the Wintry Precip. was SNOW.
We had Some BIG SNOW`S In the
SOME of my RECORD`S are from Jackson`s Airport.
I got those from the SOUTHERN
Thank`s Again For Your Interest
In Jackson`s Snow Record`s.

Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

Thanks for your insight, William! I got my information straight from the NWS-Memphis office. My records are not nearly as good as yours, so I use theirs. Their records indicate that McKellar Airport recorded only a trace in 1969. Perhaps there was more in Bemis? I found it surprising that McKellar had not had measurable snow either, though all of those snows you mention could have been officially recorded as “traces” which I believe would be anything under 0.5″. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

15 years ago

MR. Memphis Weather :
I Nicely Disagree with your
SNOW figures for amounts here
in Bemis – Jackson, Tn.
On Christmas Day : 1969 !
We had 2 1/2 Inches of SNOW.
This is the Biggest Christmas Day
SNOW on Record Here.
It has SNOWED about 7 Times here
On Christmas Day since 1948.
I`ll look up all the Year`s IF you
want me too.
Thank`s From Bemis – Jackson, Tn.