I have a great job! (and proof of it)


According to a study and subsequent article by CareerCast.com and re-printed by the Wall Street Journal among others, Meteorologists have the 15th best job among a list of 200! Factor weighed include Stress, Work Environment, Physical Demands, Income and Outlook. See the full article and rankings here. I know there are several fellow Mets out there that read this blog, so what do you all think? I guess the editors of this article don’t know the terrible working conditions, high stress load, low pay, and limited career growth that really exists – but at least I don’t have to lift anything heavier than a pencil or donut during my workday! 😉 In all honesty, I love my job and the daily challenges it brings and wouldn’t trade it, even if they do take away the donuts! My hope is that that is reflected in my work on this blog and my website, MWN.

I’ll post more on it later this weekend, but the Arctic is fixin’ to pay us a visit! Come next Wednesday and Thursday, you won’t know whether you’re in Memphis or Fargo, except maybe that there won’t be two feet of snow on the ground. For an in-depth read on the extent of the Arctic blast, check out my good friend Eddie’s excellent post. Right now, I am calling for highs in the 30s in the big city for the middle of next week – that could easily be adjusted downward by early next week. Only small chances for light snow it appears though!

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Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

Michael – you don’t know how good we have it. 😉 (note a bit of sarcasm there?) Thanks for your comment.

Eddie – I saw that too. Maybe that’s why they rank the salary so high… I would guess the GS-5/7/9 NWS Meteorologists and those working behind the scenes at private weather companies would beg to differ.

15 years ago

I noticed that the ones linked to their [Find this job] were TV mets. Just don’t think that’s a complete representation of the field, huh!

Michael Detwiler
15 years ago

Erik…I always knew you professionally trained METS had it good, now the survey proves it! 🙂

Your work is excellent on the blog…keep it up!