An end in sight to this cold air

From official records, Memphis Int’l Airport dropped below freezing on Wednesday night at 11pm and has been below freezing ever since – a streak of 44 consecutive hours so far. That string will end tomorrow morning, probably around 8-9am, getting us to about 57 consecutive hours of sub-freezing temps.

At MWN’s WXLIVE! weather station in Bartlett, the sub-freezing weather started at 9:30pm Wednesday and will probably end right at 60 hours. Brrr!! In that time, we’ve had a high of 28 yesterday (25 in Bartlett) and 24 today (21 in Bartlett) and this morning’s low was 12, while it dropped to 9.7 in Bartlett. The official low of 12 this morning was the coldest temperature since January 24, 2003 in Memphis – a week short of 6 years ago. We don’t see this kind of cold too often! In fact, many schools in Middle TN were closed today due to temps dropping well into the single digits with wind chills below zero.

The good news is, the really cold weather will be behind us after tonight. Tomorrow we should see highs back into the 40s (a veritable hot spell) with very gusty southerly wind. A few cold fronts or impulses will pass through over the next several days but we should maintain “near normal” winter type weather for the forseeable future. For more, check out the MWN forecast.

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Michael Detwiler
15 years ago


60 hours was quite the good forecast. Way to go!