Inauguration Day weather

For those curious as to what the weather will be like in Washington D.C. tomorrow when you tune in for the Inaugural events, the NWS in Baltimore, which is responsible for D.C. as well, indicates a high temperature near freezing with a slight chance of snow (about 20%), mainly during the afternoon hours and amounting to no more than a dusting. The morning low tomorrow will be around 25 and skies will remain mostly cloudy. A north wind of 10-15 mph will not help a whole lot. But it could be worse! See the Presidential Inauguration Weather page to see what the weather has been like at previous inaugurations. It has varied a great deal!

Meanwhile, back in The Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll, we will see another day or so of cold weather before things start improving here as well. A morning cold front will be reinforced by another shot of cold air tonight, this one bringing a very slight chance of snow flurries early Tuesday. Highs will remain in the 30s Tuesday before warmer weather arrives for the remainder of the week with highs getting back to the 50s (wasn’t Sunday afternoon’s 50+ degree temp a nice surprise??). A chance of rain appears on Friday.

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