School closings – 1/27/09

Memphis metro school closings… as of 6:30am Tuesday

As of 6:30am on 1/27/09, all Memphis metro school districts are open on Tuesday. Be sure to check in Wednesday morning after 5:30am for potential school closings for Wednesday – I expect it might be a different story!

Shelby County – open
Memphis City – open
Memphis Catholic – open
Fayette County – open
Tipton County – open
DeSoto County – open
Crittenden County – open

The largest area school districts that are closed today are Dyer County/Dyersburg City, Jackson/Madison County, and Jonesboro public school. Visit WMC-TV for the latest information and stay up to date with this developing winter storm at

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15 years ago

You were just checking to see if we’re paying attention 🙂

Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

No, these are my predictions for school closings on Thursday. 😉

Thanks for catching it! Corrected now.


15 years ago


Time Warp ?