February accuracy statistics finalized

My accuracy statistics for the month of February are finalized and posted on MWN. Thanks to a strong bit of forecasting to end the month, I edged out the National Weather Service and all three computer models to take first prize for temperature accuracy. All sources improved slightly over the month of January. I don’t post dewpoint accuracy stats on my website, but I also led the pack there as well.

Since I started writing forecasts for Memphis and keeping forecast accuracy statistics in January 1998 (hard to believe I’m into my 12th year!), my temperature forecasts have placed 1st or 2nd EVERY month except March 1999 and June 2006 (98.6% of the time) and I’ve beaten all other sources on a monthly average 88.9% of the time. Fore more details, visit my forecast accuracy page. Or, for today’s “most accurate publicly-available forecast for the city of Memphis,” click here!

On a separate note, accuracy stats for the Nested Grid Model (NGM) will no longer be available as that particular model’s run of service ended on March 2. It had fallen behind the times technologically and was generally bringing up the rear as far as accuracy was concerned, as enhancements were being directed the past several years to the NAM and GFS. Farewell, NGM!

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