The Pyramid/Bluff Effect.. or just another weather coincidence?

Somehow, Shelby County once again got missed by a line of thunderstorms overnight that hit our neighbors to the west, north, and south (not that I am complaining – that much). See the images below, taken an hour before the storms arrived and during the time they missed us. Do the bluffs protect Memphis from these sorts of things? Of course not – bluffs line the Mississippi River on the east side of the river well to our north and south, just as they do here in Memphis. But how about that big hulking empty tomb down by the river that we call the Pyramid? Well, that I can’t be so sure about…

Looking at StormView Radar, I see that a similar pattern is happening this morning. Storms passed by just to our north, formed just to our south and moved east, and now a pretty healthy complex is impacting most areas to our east. I guess it’s just our luck…

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