Survey finds EF-4 damage in Good Friday Murfreesboro tornado

Photo of Murfreesboro Tornado taken by Titus Bartos,

Final results from the National Weather Service storm survey of the Murfreesboro tornado that occurred on Good Friday, April 10, 2009, are in. The survey indicates that the total path length was actually 23.25 miles, after the NWS discovered another 8 miles of damage on their survey Sunday. Also, the maximum intensity has been increased to an estimated 170 mph (or EF-4 on the 1-5 scale) in one section of the damage path! The maximum funnel width was 1/2 mile and there were numerous signs of multiple vortices with this storm, which becomes more common with tornadoes of this strength.

The NWS survey results can be found here. The latest compilation of photos (such as the one above which was submitted to the paper) from readers of the Daily News Journal out of Rutherford County can be found here. My previous posts on the subject can be found here (April 10) and here (April 11).

To find a way to help those in need from this storm, visit Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims families and all of those affected.

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