Derecho moving through Ozarks and effects on Memphis weather

A very strong convective system called a derecho (learn more) is moving rapidly east-southeast this morning through the Ozarks. Wind gusts of over 80 mph have occurred with this system and tornado warnings are posted for many locations as it moves through. A movie loop of Springfield, MO radar from 8:00-8:45am is shown above. Memphis is in the lower right corner of the map.

This is the same type of system that came through Memphis on July 22, 2003 and became known as”Hurricane Elvis.” It will continue moving rapidly east-southeast towards the Mid-South as the morning progresses. Another convective system moved through middle TN earlier this morning and put down an outflow boundary across portions of west TN as well. With a cold front seeping into the area from the north, the groundwork is being laid for scattered thunderstorms beginning around the lunch hour and throughout the afternoon. Whether the derecho comes through this area, especially in it’s current form, is in doubt, but the threat exists. In fact, a Tornado Watch has just been posted for most of west TN, except the counties bordering MS, including Tipton County. Stay with and interactive StormView Radar as this weather system approaches. Updates will also be posted as necessary on my Twitter feed.

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