Few storms to end a HOT day


These pictures are what you would see if you were the MWN weather station looking east-southeast (top), south (center), and west (bottom) – click them to enlarge the pics. A few storms popped up in the evening hours along the very weak cold front that was passing through. The center picture shows the outflow of the storms jsut south of the station with some cumulus clouds along it. Wind gusted to 21 mph and the temperature dropped a good 10 degrees with the frontal passage, bringing a welcome relief from highs that topped out at 100 degrees at Memphis International Airport this afternoon. This is the highest temperature recorded since a 101 reading on July 29, 2008 and only the second 100 degree June reading in the past 14 years (June 30, 2005 was the other). With the cool frontal passage, humidity will be lower for the next few days, so while temps will still reach the upper 90s, heat indices should remain near or below 105. A “cool spell”? Whatever you want to call it…

Addendum: I added a couple of pics below, taken about 25 minutes later (8:30pm) of a storm just to the south as the sun was setting. Enjoy!

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