Weather wrap-up for Thursday, June 25

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The heat continues across the Mid-South, though a few degrees cooler than earlier this week and also less humidity, therefore Heat Advisories have not been issued since the “cool front” passed through Tuesday night. We may see them return though for Saturday as heat index values will once again climb near 105 or higher. Another front looks like it will be coming through Sunday night, so that may end the string of 95+ degree days and drop the humidity levels once again. For Friday, ozone levels have crept up in the city and will be high enough tomorrow to cause problems for those with certain respiratory problems. Thus, a Code Orange Ozone Alert has been issued and an Ozone Action Day declared. Take precautions in this heat.

Today marks the 9th day of 95 degree heat, with at least two more coming (maybe Sunday too). The rain chances with Sunday’s front will be low and a very weak front will get close enough tomorrow to perhaps spark an isolated cell or two late in the afternoon or evening Friday. Maybe someone will get lucky and get a few drops!

Speaking of heat, it’s hot, but not necessarily record-breaking, until yesterday morning when the old maximum low temperature of 80 degrees was eclipsed by a balmy 81 degree low! The old record stood for nearly 80 years. Record highs are running in the lower 100s so I don’t think we’ll see any high temp records broken in this current streak.

In other news, I have added some additional damage photos from the Elmore Park area of Bartlett to the album of pictures I took of the damage from the Mid-South derecho on June 12. If you haven’t read my event analysis or checked out the radar and satellite loops, home video of the storm as it passed through, and damage photos, I encourage you to do so. You can find the information by clicking here.

Finally, NASA is set to launch the newest weather satellite into orbit tomorrow (June 26). GOES-O will lift off aboard a Delta IV rocket if the weather holds up. (How about that for ironic? A weather satellite is delayed going into space due to the weather??) GOES-O will live in storage mode among its siblings, GOES-10, -11, -12, and -13, in an orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth. It will be called into service should there be a failure of one of the other operational satellites. For more information on GOES-O, see these links: (NASA) (NOAA)

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Charles Loring
15 years ago

Thanks Eric, I really like doing the blog and I get good feedback from people in my area who look at it. lol

Meteorologist Erik Proseus
15 years ago

Thanks Charles! Quite the storm. BTW – I like your profile photo. You do a great job on the Highland Rim blog too.

Charles Loring
15 years ago

Great write-up on the June 12th derecho Eric! Very imformative and for us weather junkies, exciting to read. 🙂