Gust front passage in northern Shelby County – July 15, 2009 – 7:50pm

Just a few pics I snapped as the gust front (shelf cloud) was moving south into northern Shelby County and then passing overhead. The temp dropped from 91.0 at 7:45 to 84.5 at 8:00pm. Dewpoint dropped from 76.4 to 71.1 (drier, cooler outflow air from the storms to the north) and the wind gusted to 21 mph from the NNE as it passed overhead.

Front approaching from the north, towering cumulus along the front, cirrus anvil shield over head from storms well to the north.
Back edge of front coming into view
Gust front overhead
Back edge approaching with a beautiful sunset taking shape
Scud clouds are all that remains behind it
The radar imagery associated with the photos above. Note the gust front visible in the radar image.
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