Occluded low to bring much cooler temps

A brief post with a discussion of these week’s weather, which will remind you that it is autumn and things can change fairly quickly…

The mid 70s and sunshine that we enjoyed this weekend will be replaced as the overall weather pattern undergoes a transition this week. While high temps were 10-12 degrees above average yesterday and today (the average high is 62 for this time of year), tomorrow marks the transition. A cold front will move into the region from the west, and low pressure that moves along the front will then stall out (or occlude). An upper-level low will accompany the surface low and also stall out north of the region by Monday night and Tuesday before slowly lifting north Wednesday.

Low pressure in the upper parts of the atmosphere this time of year typically mean cool weather, cloudy conditions, and scattered light showers, and that’s exactly what we are looking for, especially Tuesday. The updated MWN Forecast reflects those expected conditions with highs only in the 40s on Tuesday (25 degrees cooler than today!) and low chances of rain Monday night through Wednesday.

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