Brief update on morning winter weather possibility

Appears the slim chance of a wintry mix has now gone by the wayside for much of the region this morning. As clouds thickened and wind turned southeasterly overnight, temperatures responded by flatlining or slowly rising in some instances. At 5:30am, temps range from the mid to upper 30s across the region (see metro temps graphic below).

A few spits of precip are occurring but for the most part it is dry as the best moisture has yet to make it to the region thanks to very dry air in place. This will change as the day goes on, with the lower atmosphere moistening and rain making it to the ground. The best chances will be this afternoon but even then amounts should be light.

Light rain chances continue off and on through Thursday as temperatures stay warm enough for all liquid precip. Heavier amounts will go by to our south, closer to low pressure moving along the Gulf Coast. By late New Year’s Eve (late afternoon to evening), colder air will be diving into the region, possibly squeezing out a few flurries at the end of the event.

For all the details on the forecast, visit the MWN Forecast page. I’ll post any “breaking weather news” items to Twitter (memphisweather1) or Facebook, so check us out there as well!

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