MWN thanks YOU for a great 2009!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my blog readers, website visitors, fans, and followers on my social media sites for their fabulous support throughout 2009. It has been a great year for and that can only be attributed to your patronage. I have said before that MWN only exists because of all of you – without you there would be no need to update the web, blog, or social media sites. As it turns out, you are visiting in droves and for that I am grateful!

In 2009, jumped into the social media realm – once again I was blown away by the response! The Facebook site opened up on Feb. 28 – in the midst of the biggest snow storm of the year. Ten months later, MWN has 225 fans on Facebook. MWN’s Twitter feed started April 30. Once again, just 8 months later, there are 247 legitimate followers (yes, I block and report spammers). I expect those numbers to grow even more in 2010.

The website and blog continue to grow as well. According to SiteMeter, the MWN Blog recorded almost 21,500 visitors in 2009, visiting over 32,000 pages. Internal stats reveal that the website itself recorded over 40,000 visitors in 2009!

I have some great ideas in the works for MWN for 2010, so stay tuned to the blog and website and be sure to follow MWN on Twitter and Facebook so that you won’t miss a thing! Thanks so much and have a fabulous New Year!

Erik, Webmaster and Forecaster

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