Two-year anniversary – Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the infamous “Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak” that swept through the Mid-South on Presidential Primary Day, Tuesday, February 5, 2008. On that day, 57 people lost their lives in 4 states and roughly $500 MILLION dollars in damage was done by 87 tornadoes. This outbreak was the deadliest in the era of the modern NEXRAD Doppler Radar (since 1997).

In this region, you will remember the EF-2 that killed 3 people as it was caught live on WREG-TV’s cam in east Memphis as it moved through Southaven and into Hickory Hill. And who can forget the EF-4 that decimated the dorms at Union University, yet amazingly spared every life.

This outbreak serves as a reminder that severe weather can happen at any time and does not have to occur in the “traditional” severe weather seasons of spring and late fall. I encourage you to check out the references below for more on this storm system.
Remembering the Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak in the Mid-South – my blog post from last year on this date
“Super Tuesday Mid-South Tornado Outbreak” – a presentation by NWS meteorologists Todd Beal and Jonathan Howell done shortly after the event (PowerPoint format – 81MB) (link deprecated)
Severe weather safety tips from the NWS

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