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Welcome to the MWN Blog’s post #501! My 500th blog post, sent earlier today and one week shy of the two year anniversary of the start of this blog, discussed the fact that this is severe weather awareness week in the Mid-South. I encourage you to read it, as well as the series of posts coming this week on various topics related to severe weather. Now is the time to make sure you are prepared for any severe weather we may get this season, which runs from mid-March through early May in this region of the country.

As I type this, showers and embedded thunderstorms are rumbling through the region. I stepped outside a bit ago and smelled the distinctive aroma of a spring rain shower as I listened to thunder rumble in the distance. After a seemingly long winter, these are welcome signs that spring is not too far away!

Unfortunately, we will have to deal with a little more winter cold this week in the wake of this evening’s cold front, and another that will come through Tuesday night. While today’s front brings in an airmass of Pacific origin and not a lot of cold air (but noticeable still the same), Tuesday’s front marks the leading edge of an Arctic airmass that will thankfully just provide the Mid-South with a glancing blow, while the brunt of the cold air remains over the Ohio Valley. The MWN forecast shows as much, with highs dropping back nearly 20 degrees from today’s mid 60s readings for Monday and even cooler air expected for mid-week. Lows will be back below freezing by Wednesday morning. Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any precipitation in the forecast after tonight for the rest of the week, though subtle upper-level systems will bear watching. Sunshine should re-appear in force by Wednesday.

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14 years ago

Congrats on 501!!