Tsunami – Hilo Bay photo timeline


These photos are taken from live coverage at HawaiiNewsOnline.com during the tsunami of February 27, 2010. They clearly show the ebb and flow of the ocean over a period of several minutes.

Look closely at the beach in the center-left of the imagery, as well as the turbulence in the water at the entrance to the small bay in lower center. You can also see changes in the rock outcroppings in the lower right. Time stamps are below each image. More information is available on Twitter by following #hitsunami and online at HawaiiNewsOnline.com.

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3:39pm CST
3:44pm CST
3:48pm CST
3:54pm CST
3:57pm CST
4:00pm CST
4:07pm CST
4:28pm CST
5:23pm CST – note the very high water level on the island

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