Springtime severe weather on the horizon

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything about our current or forecast weather – mainly because there’s been so little to “write home about!” Spring is definitely in the air (literally, if you check the pollen counts) and the Mid-South has had a pretty nice stretch of decent weather. Outside of a few showers yesterday morning, and a relatively warm period last week, it’s been status quo, minus one typical spring ingredient – severe weather.

That “necessary” spring occurrence looks like it is on the horizon though as we head towards the weekend. A very potent weather system will be developing this week over the Plains, bringing the threat of severe weather to the southern Plains late in the week and then into the lower Mississippi Valley (and Mid-South) by early this weekend. The graphic below from the Storm Prediction Center highlights the areas of concern Friday (Day 4) and Saturday (Day 5). Strong wording is already being used by the local NWS meteorologists, indicating that this “looks like a long duration (perhaps 18 hours long) potentially significant severe weather outbreak with all types of severe weather in play” and that environmental parameters are “particularly concerning for tornadoes.” The expected severe weather timing as of this writing is late Friday night and all day Saturday, with perhaps multiple rounds of storms that could also pose a flash flooding threat.

As the weekend draws closer, MemphisWeather.net and the MWN Blog will continue to keep you updated on the severe weather potential and timing. Now is a good time to make sure you have a NOAA Weather Radio ready, with fresh batteries, and bookmark MemphisWeather.net for the latest severe weather information. By following MWN on Facebook and/or Twitter, you will be able to receive even more rapid updates regarding the severe weather threat.

Get the latest weather conditions and much more by checking out MemphisWeather.net on Facebook and Twitter!

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