I have bad news… and bad news. Which do you want first?

I’ll start with the bad news for Christmas first…

I’ve been hemming and hawing (is that how you write that, I don’t think I have ever actually typed those words…) on the threat of wintry precipitation for Christmas Eve / Christmas Day. As of this afternoon, the MWN Forecast this afternoon will only reflect rain with the late-week cold front, due to arrive on Friday. For now, I’m more certain that the cold air will arrive after the precipitation departs than not, thus the decision to remove snow flurries from the forecast.

While I know this disappoints many of you, remember it’s only Monday (and I messed up last Friday night’s snow forecast). It could change 5 times between now and then. However, given the recent trends in computer model data and my general disdain for hyping a miniscule snow chance (especially on the day ranked #1 by readers of this blog for wanting snow to fall), I am not going to wish-cast it into existence. We’ll see how it works out and I promise to put it back in the forecast if I think I can do it without wish-casting or hype. Stay tuned…

Second, while the vast majority of us (except perhaps my avid Kindergarten following) will not be around in 84 years (the next time this happens), we’re going to miss a chance to see the coincidence of a total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. That same forecast mentioned above indicates cloudy skies for tonight with light rain or drizzle moving in. Sorry about that. I know, two disappoints in one post is likely more than you can handle. I’ll try and make the next one more upbeat. The next total lunar eclipse will be in just over 3 years – hopefully you’ll be around to enjoy it with me!

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