Southeast U.S. snow cover still evident from 22,000 miles up!


Snow remains on the ground across much of the interior southeast more than 72 hours after the winter storm dropped 3-10″+ across the region, thanks to bitterly cold temperatures. Visible satellite imagery taken at 12:45pm today (and marked up by MWN) shows the snow cover well. Some thin clouds are skirting by in the northern portion of the image as well as over the Gulf of Mexico, otherwise all areas within the blue outline are snow as seen from 22,000 miles up. Click the image for a larger version.

Notice the darker “rope-like” lines in the snow – they are unfrozen waterways (rivers). Also, while it appears much more snow is present across east AR and northwest MS than in northeast MS, the opposite is actually true. Because of the flat farmland in AR and northwest AR, the snow is more readily visible than forested areas of northeast MS, where the tree canopy obscures snow on the ground below!


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