The next chance for snow…

Now that the last of the well-built snowmen from last week are dwindling away as temperatures reach the 40s and rain washes away their remnants, it’s time to talk about the next chance of snow, right?? As I understand, that’s what is on people’s minds who have checked out the extended forecast. So we’ll dive right in.
The set up is this: a trough of low pressure will move into the region Thursday, bringing pretty high rain chances. If the rain starts early enough (which is not my current thinking, but could change), there is a chance it could be freezing rain early in the morning before temperatures climb above freezing by mid-morning. A cold front will then swing quickly through the region Thursday afternoon. Very cold air will follow the front and any remaining precipitation behind the front is expected to transition from rain to a wintry mix, then to snow. The NWS has provided a good visual included below.

MWN will keep close tabs on the developing scenario as the week goes along, but for now there appears to be a decent chance of some sort of accumulation from late Thursday afternoon through Thursday evening in the metropolitan area. Amounts, exact timing, and precipitation types are yet to be refined. I would, however, give this system a much lower chance of producing significant snow than we had last week (January 9-10). A dusting might be OK though huh? What do you think – are you ready for more snow?

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