Snow cover on Wednesday morning satellite imagery


One nice thing about clear skies after a snowfall (besides that it means it’s over!) is the ability to see the extent of the snow cover on satellite imagery.  Below is one of the first visible satellite images available this morning in which west Tennessee, most of Mississippi, and all of Arkansas are experiencing clear skies.

Sometimes it is difficult to separate clouds from snow, so I have done it for you!  If you click the image for a larger version, you’ll see that the southwest corner of Tennessee (where Memphis is) has varying degrees of “whiteness”.  At the point where MS, TN, and AR come together, there is almost no snow on the ground, while northeast Shelby County has white ground.  This jives well with snow reports, in which streets were whitened in Arlington and Lakeland and nothing was on the ground in western and southern parts of Memphis.  You’ll also see the north MS have very little snow cover, other than areas bordering TN, and except far eastern AR, it too is snow-free!  Can you see why forecasting snow can be very difficult, given the outcome of this storm?

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