Actual severe weather during Severe Weather Awareness Week?

Area being monitored for the potential for severe weather on Thursday

The timing would be impeccable, but the chances are increasing that some of the safety tips we pass on this week regarding severe weather might actually be needed before the week is out.

After today’s cold front, the atmosphere will reset for the next strong cold front/low pressure system that will move through the region on Thursday. The computer models are working out their differences, but some parameters required for severe weather look like they will be in place.  The track of the low pressure system could be one of the last ingredients to come into place, and it may or may not be ideal. The other uncertainty is in the amount of energy available (atmospheric lift) as the system moves through. Given a favorable track for the low, that uncertainty could be overcome. The one thing that does look favorable, though also not ideal, is strong winds and wind shear.  The upper level jet stream will be just to our north, while the low and mid level jet streams will be over the region.
We’ll continue to monitor this developing scenario and bring you the latest via the MWN Storm Center, MWN Forecast, this blog, Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime, pay attention to the severe weather safety tips that you hear throughout the week. This storm system will be capable of damaging straight line wind, lightning, hail, flooding, and possibly even tornadoes.

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