Upper-level low bringing unseasonably cool weather

In the wake of a cold front that moved through late last week, a pair of upper level low pressure centers have brought overcast and unseasonably cool conditions to the Mid-South this weekend.  The second of the upper level lows will move into the region tonight, bringing a chance of rain showers and also reinforcing the cooler air.  From my perspective, a few days in the 60s is welcome during mid-May, especially after near record high temperatures earlier this week. We’ll be wishing for days like these again in June!  The highs this weekend are only a few degrees above record minimum high temps.

Below, a hi-res computer model shows the upper-level low on our doorstep by 10pm.  The image depicts energy at about 18,000 feet in bright colors.  The energy will be diving south from the Midwest, then heading towards Alabama in “northwest flow” aloft, meaning the wind at these levels is from northwest to southeast.  The only significant moisture in place is at the low levels, so I’m not expected more than a chance of light showers as a result of this low.

Upper-level energy moves into the Mid-South late this evening (valid 10pm Sunday)

By Monday, the low will be well to the east and a clearing trend will commence.  We’ll then see abundant sunshine Tuesday through Thursday as high pressure dominates the southeastern U.S.  Late in the week, wind turns back to the south and a warm front moves through, allowing humidity and temperatures to increase.  In addition, showers and thunderstorms will become more common again Friday through Sunday.  The complete forecast can be found on MemphisWeather.net.

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