Isolated t’storm over the heart of the city



MWN StormView Radar is now showing the storm to have completely dissipated. The airport reported a wind gust to 38 mph from the north as the outflow from the storms crossed over, though no rain was recorded. The temperature dropped to 88 degrees.  No further rain is expected this evening for those expecting to see fireworks downtown or perhaps in your driveway!


As of 6:15pm, a lone thunderstorm has popped up in the heart of Memphis, inside the I-240 loop, in the past hour and is moving very little.  An Urban Flood Advisory was issued as some areas directly under the storm could see 1-2″ of rain.  It also caused a 35 minute rain delay at AutoZone Park for tonight’s Memphis Redbirds game, but the game will be played and fireworks will follow.

Below is a screenshot of the storm taken about 6:10pm. You’ll notice the typical summertime “outflow” emanating away from the storm. This is due to wind rushing downward inside the storm, hitting the ground and spreading out in all directions. Commonly, this is called a microburst and it can produce strong straight-line wind. The outflow could also spark additional shower development, though so far it has not done that. MWN will continue to monitor and update everyone via Twitter and Facebook this evening. Play ball!

Isolated thunderstorm directly over the city with outflow propagating out from it

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