Introducing the newest team member at


I’d like to take this opportunity to officially welcome the newest part-time team member to

Up until this point, I have been posting on this blog, writing the forecasts, doing all of the web updates, updating MWN social media during storms (and all other times), and washing the dishes.  OK, maybe not the last part… I’m also now heavily involved in developing the MWN apps, strategic planning for the future, marketing, and planning and implementing public appearances.  I’ve been very fortunate to have people like Ben Deming, our amazing Android and iPhone app developer, come alongside, as well as getting some wonderful marketing assistance from an unnamed, but VERY talented and generous, local firm.

I’ve realized that to keep MWN going and growing, I need some help.  This is hard to accept for a control freak that has done it alone for a number of years!  However, I can’t continue at this pace and still have a family and (albeit mediocre) social life, as well as be involved in other activities that are important to me.  So, I reached out to the college community and believe I found a winner!

Kevin Terry, a senior at the University of Memphis in the Geosciences department is a lifelong Memphian and big fan of weather, especially severe weather.  His interest in weather began as a young boy and has continued to grow and develop through the years.  He has taken coursework in weather and climate and intends to pursue a graduate degree starting next fall in Professional Meteorology.  His experience includes two years as a student volunteer at the National Weather Service in Memphis, where he has received high praise for his work.  He is adept at communicating via the internet, serving as an Administrator for the 1000+ member Tennessee Weather Forum ( and also has several years experiences in radar interpretation.

Kevin will serve as “Social Media Nowcaster/Intern” for this fall and his responsibilities will include providing real-time weather updates on MWN’s social media feeds, as well as writing a blog post or two each week, primarily discussing upcoming weather events.  Kevin is competent, enthusiastic, and a quick study and should allow me to focus more fully on growing the MWN brand in the coming months.  I will continue, though, to make my presence known on social media and will continue nowcasting during severe weather outbreaks (with Kevin’s help)!  Please help me welcome Kevin (/KT on social media posts) to the MWN team!

For weather information for Memphis and the Mid-South, where and when you need it, visit on the web, on your mobile phone, download our iPhone or Android apps, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Meteorologist Erik Proseus
12 years ago

Glad to have you on board Kevin!


Kevin Terry
12 years ago

Thanks so much for the kind introduction Erik! I'm greatly looking forward to this opportunity to work with you and making sure your amazing number of followers are always informed about the latest weather happenings in the Memphis/Mid-South area!

Kevin Terry (/KT)